Sex and the City - for men

The creator of 'Entourage' has written a new show, to be piloted on HBO, which has been dubbed 'Sex and the City for guys'. The show will feature four male friends, living in New York in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Doug Ellin, the creator of the show desribed the set-up as, 'a group of male friends in Gotham who've just hit 40...men dealing with marriage and friendships...four friends who grew up together facing different situations in their personal and professional lives.' He went on to explain, 'It's something I've lived with my friends. People were thinking that 40 is the new 20 and their life is all set — and all of a sudden they woke up one day and had no money.' Ed Burns has been signed up to play the lead character, 'a Wall Street maven with a strong pedigree who endures major upheaval when the bank where he worked for 20 years collapses.'

Sounds promising, though the clothes had better be excellent...

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