Sex and The City 2 - the verdict

These are words we never dreamed we would type - like anyone who knows their harem from their peg and can spot a good dirty Martini at thirty paces, we had high hopes for the latest Sex and The City film. But it looks like SJP and co have churned out a turkey.

The Mirror go as far as imploring readers to steer clear of the flick, '...if you love SaTC as much as I do, a word of advice. Whatever you do, DO NOT GO AND SEE THIS FILM. Without being overdramatic, it’s like watching a dear friend being brutally murdered in front of you...I’m absolutely gutted.'

While The Guardian, in slightly more high-brow terms, deem it a huge disappointment - though more for the setting than any plot-related reasons, 'We are stuck in Abu Dhabi for almost the entire film. Abu Dhabi. In the United Arab Emirates. That Abu Dhabi. As 10 minutes turned into half an hour and then into an hour, and we were still in Abu Dhabi, with the foursome landed with having to gaze in wonderment and squeak with excitement at naff hotel fixtures and fittings, I sensed a claustrophobic panic growing at the screening I attended.' Alright pal, we get it - you don't like Abu Dhabi...

So, by all means pull on your glad rags, fire up your Cosmo and see the film - but brace yourselves for potential heart-rending disappointment...

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