Sex and the City 2 stars living in fear

They seem a paranoid lot on the set of Sex and the City. We know that the film probably revolves around a whole scenario of cliff hanging 'will they/won't they's involving Aiden and Mr Big, but this seems a little excessive...The whole Sex and the City 2 cast have been forced to sign confidentiality agreements, which mean that if they, say, have one too many Cosmos and get a bit 'indiscreet' - it'll cost them $1.6 million.

Vogue tells that outspoken Kim Catrall nearly came a cropper after letting paps take a picture of her (gasp) HOLDING HER SCRIPT. Catrall said,'I thought: 'You have got to be kidding! This isn't state secrets, it's the f****** script for a movie!' It's crazy. You really have to be careful because I've signed my life away to say I won't tell. It gets to the point where you're terrified to carry your script around in case someone catches a glimpse of it.'

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