Sex addict

Only a few days ago Gwyneth Paltrow was in the headlines for a shocking confession: that she doesn't think extra marital affairs are a big deal (er, try telling that to Mr Sensitive Martin, aka your hubby Gwyn). Now she's grabbing headlines for her role in new film, Thanks For Sharing, and it's not sharing a cup of sugar or some left over casserole with a kindly neighbour......

The squeaky clean Coldplay missus is set to play a sex addict in the upcoming film, directed by Stuart Blumberg, incidentally the writer of suburban lesbian smash The Kids Are Alright. Alongside Joely Richardson, Mark Ruffalo (of Kids Are Alright fame) and Tim Robbins, Gwyn is likely to indulge in scenes of an adult but mature and well intentioned nature. Blumberg sets the tone with this dry soundbite: 'I couldn't imagine actors more perfect than Gwyneth, Mark, Tim and Joely for this film. I can't wait to see them bring these characters to life with their unique and formidable talents.'

From where we're sitting it sounds like the perfect excuse for beautiful, serious actors to have a good old romp, all the while drawing attention to an affliction which is very big in Hollywood right now (scuse the pun.) A question: if extra marital bonking takes place on Coronation Street is it put down to sex addiction or just good old fashioned boredom and/or need for a storyline? Gwynny, if you're listening, take to your blog, we'd love to hear what you think on the subject. Second thoughts, let's hear what you the Excite readers think - Hollywood nonsense or annoying real life problem?

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