Sending out an SMS

In what sounds like a nightmare situation for any newly imploded couple, Alex Reid and Katie Price are still living together in Price's house, but refuse to speak to each other, communicating solely through the medium of text message.

A source told Digital Spy,'Kate and Alex haven't really spoken for several weeks. They're like total strangers. They are living in separate sections of the house although they are forced to share communal areas like the kitchen. It is not the way Kate wants it to be. If they have to live together then she'd rather things were amicable, but Alex is behaving like a child and Kate just cannot get through to him. It's a horrible situation, especially as Kate has the kids to think about. They're confused as they just don't really understand what is going on.'

'He wants to leave the house now. He is ready as he has finally realised that things are over between him and Kate. But he has no money and doesn't want to go home to his parents as his dad has a heart problem and Alex knows he doesn't need any more stress. He is hoping to buy an apartment for himself but doesn't really have a job so has no money coming in. He and Kate could be living with each other for a good while longer.'

Come on Alex, we all know there's a reliable funding stream available - it's called 'selling your story to the tabloids'. Expect to see a 'Reid Exclusive' in the next couple of weeks, folks...

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