Self Destruction

Lily Allen used to be at the forefront of new technology. If she wasn't tinkering with her MySpace page, she was updating her blog or Facebook page, or releasing realms of illuminating tweets. But these days it’s quite the opposite for the singer. All computers are switched to off: the poptarlet has compared her past internet use to drug addiction.

The Fear singer told the Evening Standard: ‘I don't own a BlackBerry. Or a computer. I don't even read emails. I was using the internet in a really destructive way. In the same way as I guess alcoholics and drug addicts have to stop taking drugs or alcohol to see how negatively it affects them. I had to stop using the internet completely. If I was feeling bad, I'd look for negative things people were writing about me to substantiate how I was feeling: 'Look, I am fat and ugly'

‘I'd write something silly with totally the best intentions of it just being for fans to read and it would end up looking like I was trying to get in The Sun newspaper. So, this year, I'm not putting out useless information that people can use against me.’

It's all somewhat ironic considering Lily was one of the biggest advocates of the internet, and the first to use MySpace to help effectively launch her musical career. The poptart also waded chin deep into the 'music piracy' debate, but has since withdrawn her interest - nothing to do with a threat of quitting the biz which she perhaps didn't want to follow through....

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