Selena cancels shows after mother miscarries

Selena Gomez has pulled out of two concert dates after her mother reportedly suffered a miscarriage.

The 19-year-old singer cited a 'family emergency' as a reason behind the cancellation, but sources close to the singer have stated that her mother Mandy Teefey had lost her unborn child.

Last month Gomez took to her Twitter page to announce that her mother was expecting a child with husband Brian Teefey (Gomez's stepfather).

She wrote, "Momma and (stepfather) Brian are finally letting me share the news. My mommys carrying my baby brother or sister. I'm the happiest girl in the world."

The singer and Disney star was due to perform at two festive-themed concerts in Chicago and Seattle.

Yesterday Gomez's boyfriend Justin Bieber was spotted paying a visit to Mrs Teefey in hospital.

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