Seinfeld's back

Those with refined taste in their comedy programmes will know and love Seinfeld, the 90s sitcom that changed everything about the format and introduced funky slap bass to the world of the TV comedy theme tune. Since then the series’ co-creator Larry David has gone on to garner even more plaudits and general adulation through his writing of and starring in Curb Your Enthusiasm, while Jerry Seinfeld himself has kept himself on what Americans call the down-low.

However, the wearing of bad hair and trainers is coming back to American telly, with his new show The Marriage Ref, which sounds terrible, truth be told. Still Ricky Gervais and Madonna will be on it, so there are sure to be some ratings in it.

How it will work is this: celebrities, comedians and sports people go on the show and judge who is right and wrong between spouses in real life marital disputes, with great TV time for all concerned. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of hilarious Seinfeld monologue containing the words ‘yada yada yada’, or other slightly lame observational comedy skits, complete with big hair and bad trainers. It goes out on NBC in the states from March, so you won’t be able to see it, probably ever. Rich people judging the porr, eh? Gotta love it.

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