Seinfeld star calls cricket "gay"

In Seinfeld Jason Alexander played George Costanza, arguably the funniest sitcom character ever created. George was noted for his ability to make offensive remarks at inopportune moments. In a case of life imitating art, Alexander has had to apologise after calling cricket a "gay sport".

He made the remarks on comic Craig Ferguson’s Late, Late Show, and shortly afterwards issued a blog that attempted to explain and apologise. "I did a chunk of an old routine and again referred to cricket as kind of 'gay' – talking about the all white uniforms that never seem to get soiled; the break they take for tea time with a formal tea cart rolled onto the field, etc. I also did an exaggerated demonstration of the rather unusual way they pitch the cricket ball which is very dance-like with a rather unusual and exaggerated arm gesture. Again, the routine seemed to play very well and I thought it had been a good appearance."

His Twitter followers quickly disabused him of that notion and suggested his remarks had been offensive. "I was basing my use of the word 'gay' on the silly generalization that real men don’t do genteel, refined things and that my portrayal of the cricket pitch was pointedly effeminate, thereby suggesting that effeminate and gay were synonymous."

Alexander’s contrition was obviously genuine. Although he was so concerned about offending the gay community that he overlooked the offence he might have caused cricketers. Perhaps a word with the likes of Viv Richards, Ian Botham and Dennis Lillee might put him straight.

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