See you on the battlefield

Charlie Sheen’s big news right now, which means that every single one of his utterances is going to be reported on. Brilliantly for us though, everything that comes out of his mouth is pure gold.

Check out his latest rant, for example: after being dismissed from Two And A Half Men yesterday he bid his fairwells, calling show creator Chuck Lorre ‘Chuck E Cheeseball’ and the amazingly childish ‘F**k Borrie’. Meanwhile Sheen revealed that Sheen’s Korner was over, and that he’d see his soldiers on the battlefield; where presumably they’d be winning. However he did spare Warner Bros television president Peter Roth from his wrath, the weaselly little lickspittle.

‘I spare you this revelatory maelstrom of pure exposure, as your heart was always rooted in fairness and hug-bonding good tidings,' said the bootlicker. 'Get out while you can, good sir. Sheen's Korner could use the bright and sterling presence you led with from day one. You have my digits, use them. Show your courage, Peter!

‘Sheen's Korner is now for sale as a sports bar. You know where to find me, so, I bid you adieu. Stay tuned, good soldiers. I'll see you very soon - on the battlefield.’

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