See you in court?

Peter Andre didn’t take too kindly to Katie Price’s remarks yesterday that there were three people in their marriage, with her even going as far as to indirectly suggest that manager Claire Powell and her ex-husband were bumping uglies. Understandably Andre is furious, and released the following barbed threat of legal action.

‘I am making this statement to put the record straight regarding the outrageous claims and lies that have been put into the public domain by my ex-wife about my relationship with my manager, Claire Powell,’ read his statement.

‘I wish to make it perfectly clear for the record that my manager, Claire Powell, who I have known for the past 16 years, is my manager and a personal friend.

‘She has never betrayed me or done anything other than support me, which is more than can be said for my ex wife.

‘I have said once before that if anybody slanders my name I will not hesitate in taking legal action and that is exactly what both Claire and I will do.’ A nice courtroom drama would be fun - it’s a shame that nothing will come of it. Oh well.

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