Security tightened at I'm A Celebrity camp with murderer on loose near camp

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Australian police have stepped up their hunt for a murderer who struck near to the I'm A Celebrity jungle camp last month. Another death nearby which police are treating as suspicious occurred just 2 weeks ago resulting in a tightening of security at the I'm A Celebrity encampment.

Security had already been tightened beyond the normal measures before the celebs arrived into camp after Mark Spencer was killed only 5 miles from the perimeter of the camp on October 1st. The 37 year old was beaten to death outside his own home with a tennis racquet and the killer has continued to evade a police manhunt in the intervening weeks.

The blood-soaked broken racquet was discovered at the scene along with the mans body and police have been left scratching their heads as to the whereabouts of the killer. 2 weeks ago, police released CCTV footage of a Ford Falcon car which was seen near the scene of the crime on the night of the murder and they are hoping for witnesses to come forward with information relating to events that evening.

Now, it has emerged that the body of a 52 year old local woman was found on the streets of Murwillumbah just 2 weeks ago in what police are treating as a suspicious death. The town is also only a short distance away from the jungle camp where this years celebrities are holed up.

The two deaths are currently thought to be unrelated and investigations continue on both fronts. An ITV spokesperson has reiterated that the safety of the I'm A Celebrity crew was a high priority by saying "We have a security team on site. The safety and security of our celebrities and crew is of the utmost importance."

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