Security crackdown

It might be damn good fun jetting round the world attending premieres and spending a small fortune on takeaways, but there's a depressing side to being Brangelina too: their security has to be watertight.

According to reports in The Sun the pair are getting their knickers in a knot over the existence of Russian and Italian criminal gangs. These Oceans 11 style outfits are targeting the houses of the rich and famous. This doesn't sound like anything new to us - Brange, never heard of organised crime? - but the pair are taking extra precautions to protect their South of France mansion, including real life SAS men swaggering around the joint and cameras literally everywhere. The Sun adds a splash of colour to the story:

'Brad has hired a crack team of ex-SAS guys to protect them and they watch over the property like hawks around the clock. They can see what is happening as all the cameras hooked up to the TV screens have movement sensors. They work via wi-fi so can't be disarmed. There's even fingerprint recognition to go from certain parts of the house to the next. Every inch is covered. It's like something out of a James Bond movie.'

Got that robbers? They've even got wi-fi.......' More to the point, have Brange's brood got it? The luxury bolthole doesn't sound like a bag of fun for the kids. Imagine having to go through the rigmarole of fingerprint recognition for every quick forage in the fridge...

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