Seance Fiction

Life must be tough for Lady Gaga; as the world's most famous pseudo-eccentric, every move must be quirkier than the last. Well, the chanteuse has outdone herself this week, by claiming to speak with the dead. Not just any dead person though (she is a major celeb after all) - no, Gaga communes with Andy Warhol, who apparently gives her career tips.

According to The Sun, 'She is convinced he is controlling her from beyond the grave, guiding her life and career. Her entire life has become dictated by these conversations.'

And Gaga's love of the tin can merchant doesn't stop there, she's also throwing a Warhol themed bash: 'She has told the organisers that everything must be in the spirit of Warhol. They were a little confused at first but are doing their best to satisfy her demands. Her house is insane. She has spent thousands turning it into a shrine to Warhol. I wouldn't be surprised if she started dressing head to toe in his clothes and changed her name to Andy.'

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