Sean Connery : miserly Scot won't share fortune with son

There was once a day when having a rich film star parent would automatically guarantee a nice juicy payout in the will. Not so these days. Sean Connery has said that he won't be leaving a penny to his son once he carks it - because he never really liked him anyway. Not really. Connery's ex wife Diane Cilento has told the Sunday Times that the tight Scot won't give his son any of his £85 million fortune because he doesn't think he's done anything to earn it.

When Connery was a lad he was forced to leave home at age 13 and scratch a living on the streets of Edinburgh. His CV before getting famous reads like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. Barrow pusher. Coffin polisher. Milkman. Lorry driver. You name it, if it was grim and low paid, Sean did it.

Sean's son Jason on the other hand is now a successful director in his own right. No thanks to Sean, though says Diane who claims Sean's miserly ways and insistence on Jason 'making it on his own' has caused the father son relationship to sour. Connery is loathe to shell out a penny to any parasitic family members looking for a free meal ticket and has, in the past accused only son Jason of cadging. When Jason then agreed to change his name in order to get away from criticism at having been helped to success by his father, Sean allegedly spat, 'I'll fucking kill you if you do.' Damned if you do, damned if you don't. (Daily Mail)

All in all, Sean's being harsh, but we can see where he's coming from. Too many brattish Primrose Hill types are born with a silver spoon and go on to become 'successes' in their own right without having done anything to really deserve it. Bring back the pit and get them down it.

Check out Sean introducing himself as 'Bond'. What a looker.

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