Seal proposed to Heidi in homemade igloo

There's something so pure and virtuous about Seal and Heidi Klum's love for each other, that we weren't a bit surprised to learn the lengths Seal went to to bag his Frau.

Not content with getting down on one knee in a dimly lit restaurant, Seal popped the big one to Heidi in an igloo he had constructed himself on top of a Canadian mountain range.

Seal stocked up the igloo with rose petals and foodstuff and champers - before whisking his Frauline to the summit in a chopper.

Thankfully after all that hullabaloo Heidi said 'yah' and the couple have been the happiest baby making factory in pop ever since.

In the clip below, Seal wears a tight silver suit, while duetting with his Heidi in one of the most genuine displays of true, earnest love we've ever seen. Heidi can hold a note too.

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