Scott Mills nearly arrested in Uganda

Those who keep their eyes and ears open regarding human rights abuses around the world will know that Uganda is not going to be a top holiday destination if you happen to be gay: a bill over whether practicing homosexuality should be penalised with death is still under discussion (it was proposed in 2009), and gays generally do not treated well at all.

So it was pretty brave of openly gay Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills to admit his sexuality to David Bahati, the politician who originally proposed the bill, while interviewing him. Mills was in the country filming the sensitively-titled The World’s Worst Place To be Gay? for BBC Three (which airs on 14 February at 9pm) when he admitted to Bahati that he was gay, and his reaction wasn’t good: he apparently went mad and tried to have them arrested.

‘I'd heard horror stories about people getting arrested and roughed up and who knows what,' said Mills. 'I was scared. He ordered us to cut the cameras then brought a security guard.

‘We ran off and he rang one of our guys saying, ‘Where are they staying? What are the registration plates? I want them arrested. They won't get far’. We lied that we were at the Sheraton and apparently he turned up there with armed police.’

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