Schofield backs Klass to fill Fern's boots

If in doubt, hire Myleene Klass. That's the mantra TV producers chants when casting around for a demographically bland enough presenter to fill a scheduling hole. Phillip Schofield, or a mole close to Schofield has told The Mirror that Klass gets his vote in the running for a new sofa companion on This Morning once Fern shoots off in July.

Aside from her winning combination of "talent, personality and looks", Schofield knows a bargain when he smells one and thinks This Morning bosses could make a killing by getting Myleene in on the cheap. According to a snitch, the pianist turned singer-turned MILF-turned telly pundit, could be netted at a "massively reduced cost."

Aside from the fact that noone could ever replace Fern in terms of being a jolly entertaining former couch potato, Myleene Klass literally does everything on telly. She is also distressingly perfect, even with early morning starts. Can a celebrity MILF really cut it in the early morning chair?

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