Scarlett’s wise gift

What is it with celebrities and weird gifts? First there was Angelina Jolie and Billy-Bob Thornton exchanging vials of blood at their wedding. And, more recently, Pete Doherty sent Kate Moss a dead rat to show her he still loved her. Bet she loved that!

Now actress Scarlett Johansson has succeeded in giving boyfriend Ryan Reynolds possibly the oddest gift of them all. A painful trip to the dentist for her has produced a lovely birthday present for her boyfriend.  Scarlett recently underwent an operation to remove her wisdom teeth. Then she had the removed teeth dipped in gold (as you do), making the gnashers into a rather fetching necklace for Ryan’s birthday. 

Don’t you just wish someone would do something romantic like that for you? Maybe your boyfriend could coat his toe-nails clippings in diamante and glue them together into a verruca-shaped broach…


(Image: from xcaballe’s Flickr stream) 

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