Scarlett's SNL hit

Scarlett Johansson returned to Saturday Night Live last weekend, performing a pretty hilarious set of sketches sending up her image as a 'holier than thou' celebrity, and giving satirical advice to wannabe young stars.

According to The Daily Mail, Johansson gave a monologue, mockingly givig advice to up and coming celebs. Scarlett's commentary might just give Lindsay Lohan one more reason to continue their feud. She said, 'For a start wear underwear, why wouldn't you, it takes seconds to put on and it's comfortable. Underwear - it's your friend. Another way to keep cameras out of your life; do not have a show where cameras follow you around. That's an easy one and if you make a sex tape you are not allowed to act surprised when it ends up on the Internet. Sex tapes are like take away soup containers, they always leak. And if you are desperate to watch yourself have sex, use a mirror. They are like cameras that forget, which makes me wonder: Why can't celebrities keep it together these days? I do have a sex tape out there somewhere. If you find it, godspeed.'

In other sketches, Scarlett played 'Terry' the child actress, who attempts to take on adult roles with 'hilarious consequences'.

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