Scarlett speaks out about Obama custard pie

Scarlett Johannson has spoken out about a 'mortifying' media frenzy which saw the starlett publicly custard-pied by Barack Obama after she had boasted of an e mail ping-pong between the two.

Pre-election and high as a kite on Obama fever, Scarlett had blabbed to the press about having a 'personal e mail dialogue' with the big man himself, after e mailing his office to lend support to the campaign. Unbeknownst to Johannson (who thought Obama had personally hacked out a response) a teaboy / admin assistant was lumped with the task of replying to the starlet; and when Obama got wind of Scarlett talking the whole thing up, he delivered a killer punch. "She sent one email to Reggie [Love, assistant], who forwarded it to me. "I [wrote] saying, 'Thank you Scarlett for doing what you do', and suddenly we have this email relationship."

A gutted Scarlett told Harpers Bazarre; "He released the statement – his camp had to; they’re on a 24-hour news cycle and have to quell anything that comes in that is questionable. I was really mortified, but I learned my lesson."

..And here's hoping she does. There's nothing worse than celebrities thinking that their opinion or voice is what really makes the political world tick.....

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