Scarlett and Sean officially dating

Scarlett Johannsson has kept a low profile since her split from husband Ryan Reynolds, so the world (well the part of the world which feasts on celebrity nonsense) was shocked when snaps of Scarlett and Sean Penn surfaced. After all, Sean has been on this earth for half a century, while Scarlett is a mere 26. But it appears that the pair have settled into a relationship, and Sean's ex yesterday confirmed the news.

Jessica White told The Daily Mail, 'I think Sean needs a good woman in his life. They're great together. Sean is a really lovely man.' Speaking of his charitable work, his ex gushed, 'That's where he finds his peace and his refuge. I think that's a great job. That's his calling. He's very passionate.'

Sean and Scarlett made their first official outing as a couple to Reese Witherspoon's wedding last weekend.

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