Scarlett and Ryan: the new Brangelina?

Hollywood couples never cease to amaze us with their generosity, work for charity and general do-gooding, clutching a handful of infants to their side, as they brave the paparazzi for another day of shopping. Now it seems more husband and wife combinations in the star-studded land of the US are looking to the third world to kick-start start a family. Move over Brangelina: Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are in talks to adopt a sprog from Ghana or Ethiopia, Perez Hilton informs us.

Having married in September 2008, Scarlett 'feels now is finally the right time' for her and hubby Ryan to starting 'working with a US -based adoption agency'. Both are reported to be dead set on the idea as Scarlett's mother has recently adopted a girl and Ryan's older brother was adopted into his family.

Will this lead to legal battles springing up in a 'Madonna meets Matthew' repeat episode, with yet more celeb photoshoots held by broken village wells deep in darkest Africa? Let's hope not, but we do wish 'Ryanlett' or 'Scaryan' all the best.

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