Savile investigation spooks celebrities

The Jimmy Savile scandal is continuing to cause waves of panic among some celebrities from the 1970s. Police arrested Savile’s close friend Gary Glitter on allegations of having sex with under-age girls. Their investigation has broadened to encompass many major figures from broadcasting and popular music.

While Savile seemed to enjoy a free pass to do what he liked on the sets of Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, one BBC insider said that he had refused to let the DJ get involved with the Children In Need charity appeal.

Sir Roger Jones said: "We didn’t want him anywhere near the charity. A guy with a big cigar in his mouth, a string vest, who is covered in gold chains and trinkets — is this really the guy who we want to become a hero for kids?"

Jones had no evidence against Savile, but found him "creepy". Jones was in charge of the charity from 1999, but Savile had already been involved in Children In Need in the 80s. "On my watch, Children In Need was properly covered," Jones said. "We did everything we could to protect the children. Unfortunately he obviously had easier targets."

The BBC is conducting its own investigation into events in the 1970s. Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has already suggested that groping of teenage girls was rife during Top Of The Pops recordings at the time. Celebrity publicist Max Clifford said he had been contacted by up to 15 celebrities who were concerned that they could be implicated in the police investigation.

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