'Save me from myself'

Ashley Cole may have many talents, but clearly will-power and discipline are not amongst his repertoire of skills. The England footballer has apparently hired an SAS guard to keep away any determined ladies who might wish to befriend him. The reason for this bizarre demand is, according to sources, due to his wish to patch up his marriage with Cheryl Cole.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'One of the main reasons he has a new minder is because he knows he needs protection from predatory girls – and to be saved from himself. He knows that if he’s let loose on fans on his own he might repeat his same old mistakes. And he doesn’t want to be exposed in kiss-and-tells that will mess things up for good with Cheryl. He thinks it’s a good investment if it keeps him on the straight and narrow.'

Ashley famously blamed being married for sending him off the straight and narrow. He apparently told a bar-maid with whom he enjoyed a fling, 'Things change when you get married. You go from being someone’s boyfriend to being their husband, it changes quite a lot of things. When you’re someone’s boyfriend, you don’t feel so much responsibility towards that person. Once you’re a husband you can’t act in a way that you would have done if you were a boyfriend.' Hmm, that's not a water-tight explanation, is it?

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