Sasha Baron-Cohen 'kills' octogenarian at awards ceremony

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Sasha Baron Cohen is still on wildly inappropriate fire. His performance at the BAFTA-LA’s Britannia Awards was brilliantly wrong, showing that he has lost none of his touch for quality comedy stunts.

His Royal Boratness was there to accept the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy, and to give things that touch of faded Hollywood glamour, he was introduced by 87 year old, wheelchair bound Grace Collington, who was four years old when she appeared with Chaplin himself in the film ‘City Lights’

So far so awards ceremony. Until Sasha pushed her wheelchair off stage. Having been handed Chaplin’s original cane by Ms Collington, he did his own take on Chaplin’s famous walk, tripped, fell and sent the wheelchair hurtling off stage. The octogenarian seemed to all intents and purposes – dead. After a cursory attempt at mouth to mouth resuscitation, there seemed nothing for it but to crack on with an absolutely hilarious acceptance speech.

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’This is obviously a tragedy, but on the bright side what a great way to go – giving an award to me. Plus, she’ll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam segment.’

He then turned his attentions to the Collington family, saying ‘Do not try to sue me – however if you decide to get the lawyers involved, bring it on. I will take you down just like I did to your Granny.

Moving onto his wife, Isla Fisher, he mispronounced her name, before quipping ‘What’s her name? I still don’t know… it’s so long into the relationship it seems embarrassing to ask.’

The whole speech was a touch of genuine class from Baron Cohen, who for once had come dressed as himself, unlike his British Comedy Awards appearance in 2012 where Ali G turned up in a gold tracksuit with ‘Saville’ written on it.

PS - She's not really dead

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