Sarandon still looking for juicy roles

Hollywood star Susan Sarandon plays a mother whose grown-up sons still live with her in the new indie film Jeff Who Lives At Home. She spoke to The Guardian about keeping her career alive by taking risks. "I work with a lot of new directors," she said. "Half the time they are not that great but you never know until you try."

Although she is part of the movie industry establishment, Sarandon says she can relate to the themes of the film. "I have a son who's 23 who finished college and was at home for a little while," she said, "and my youngest just turned 20 and is coming in and out with an enormous amount of his friends. I think it's a very understandable phenomenon because the economy is so bad you can do everything right and still end up not being able to afford a place to stay and not being able to find a job."

At 65, Sarandon is still looking for challenges, and enjoys her meatier roles, like the lesbian vampire in The Hunger. "You get to say and do things that you never in a million years would do," she said. "And very often the bad guys are written just so much better than the good guys."

She still looks back fondly at a career highlight, playing opposite Kevin Costner in Bull Durham in 1988. "Bull Durham was really fun to shoot because my character was so sassy and smart and she got to be sexual, and she didn't have to die at the end because of that."

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