Sarah Harding's shocking domestic violence revelations

Sarah Harding has opened up about a recent domestic incident involving her ex-boyfriend Theo De Vries.

In an interview with The Sun, the Girls Aloud singer claimed that he had assaulted her while they were staying in the Hotel Schloss Matzen in Austria.

She said: "He got me by the throat. He grabbed me by my hair — throwing my head on the floor. We were struggling.

"While he had me by the hair, he was pulling me across the floor. He was dragging me around.

"He was smacking my head on the floor. He bit my ear. And when I kicked him to try and get him off me, I got his nose and he was bleeding.

"He smeared the blood all over my face so it was all over my clothes."

De Vries accused her of biting him and throwing an ashtray at his head.

Harding claims that she was acting in self defence. She added: "He was really, really horrible. Any insecurities I had, he used them against me.

"He was goading me. The abuse carried on and on and on till I'd had enough. He got so horrible I threw a coffee cup at him. It missed."

The pair met while they were in rehab in South Africa. According to Sarah, De Vries began drinking again when they were in Austria.

Both Sarah and De Vries face assault charges due to their allegations and injuries.

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