Sarah Harding: “I’m not just a love machine”

It’s been reported before in newspapers that Sarah Harding is the “slapper” of Girls Aloud. However she's now quashing those claims.

"I've never even had a one-night stand. I have lots of male friends but that doesn't mean I'm linked romantically with all of them.”

Revealing all in the pop group's new autobiography Dreams That Glitter, The Blonde One from Girls Aloud went on to say,

"I think going out with the wrong men has taught me what not to accept and as I've got older I've become stronger. I won't tolerate certain behaviour, men thinking they can walk all over me, and I think some of them are threatened by that..."

The alleged “slapper” made no comment as to whether she would be changing the lyrics on hit Love Machine to “I’m not just a love machine.”

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