Sarah calls the shots

Sarah Harding has always had a well-deserved reputation as the lairy party animal from Girls Aloud, so it was no surprise when a) she picked up a DJ as her arm-candy and b) dumped him days before their planned wedding because they'd had a huge tiff. Sarah and her boyfriend Tom Crane were seen partying up a storm in Ibiza over the summer, but have apparently now called off their nuptials and dramatically parted ways after a series of barn-storming rows.

A source told The Daily Mail,'Sarah and Tom had a huge bust-up and told each other the wedding is off. They’ve always had a volatile relationship but this time it’s far worse. It’s a shame as they do really love each other but pals can’t see how there can be a way back form this. She was crying hysterically and having tantrums. Chris was shocked – they had to pause filming to calm her down. Her band mates are worried she needs to sort herself out before going on tour.' At the time, a spokesperson for the singer told the press, 'She had a personal problem and was emotional but she’s fine now.'

Sarah will now be girding her emotional loins in readiness for the much anticipated Girls Aloud reunion which is planned for next year. All five of the girls have been through the wringer, Sarah, Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle in particular. Place your bets for tears and on-stage heart to hearts coming to a stadium near you...

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