Sandra Bullock blindsided by affair rumours

The celebrity sexting craze has spread its filthy tentacles ever further. In a busy few months where Ashley Cole, Vernon Kay and little Mark Owen, not to mention experienced veterans such as Tiger Wood and John Terry have been caught, now it's the turn of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock's husband, the improbably named Jesse James. Poor Sandra has had to cancel the UK premiere of her film 'The Blind Side' after rumours that Jesse has been fooling around with a young lady - with the equally improbable name Michelle Bombshell - for the past 11 months.

US magazine In Touch printed texts between the pair, where he wrote: 'Was just think'n' bout u this morning' as recently as last Sunday. What is it about these celebrity texters and their appalling use of grammar and punctuation?

The girl in question, who is a keen fan of tattoos, told the magazine: 'I'm a little more edgy than Sandra, obviously. I like motorcycles and I think we maybe had a lot more in common than she did with him. I think he was lonely.'

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