Samantha Womack abused in the street

Every now and again you’ll read about the actor who’s hit it big playing some evil soap villain or other, and they’ll recount how they get the odd weirdo shouting at them in the street, taking them to account for whatever dastardly crimes they’ve committed on screen. You’ll probably shake your head incredulously and think ‘surely no-one is that crazy’.

Well they are, and poor old Samantha Womack can attest to that. As a result of her typically cheerful Eastenders storyline, in which her character Ronnie Branning swaps her cot-death sprog with Kat Moon’s, people have been abusing her in the street. She was even called a murdering **** (you work it out) by one outraged viewer.

‘Samantha's received such vile abuse this week,’ said a show source to The Sun. ‘She was shouted at with her kids. Having to act that storyline was bad enough, having it filter into her home life is even more awful.’

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