Sally and the Speaker heading for divorce?

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow and his wife Sally, have always enjoyed a fairly tumultuous relationship. After all, he's a Tory, while she's proudly left wing. But it's not political differences that are causing marital strife, but Sally Bercow's obsessions with publicity, that has led to her snapping up a bed in the Big Brother house next to Jedward. According to friends, the latest drive for column inches might seal the deal on their divorce.

A friend of the Speaker's gossiped to The Daily Mail, ‘He has lost weight and gone greyer. He looks terrible and feels terrible. He can’t go on like this. Some of us have told him he has got to seek a divorce for his sake and for his children’s. Obviously she can’t just be asked to move out. They would have to go through a gruesome separation while living under the same roof in Parliament. It would be awful but better than going on as they are.’

Hitting back against the alegations, Sally Bercow told a pal, ‘We’ve got a great marriage and a great relationship. But he respects me as an individual and allows me to do my own thing. No, we won’t be heading to the divorce courts, even though it might disappoint a few people. I’ve got a lot of respect for a man who lets me do something he doesn’t really want me to do – because he knows I really want to. He knows how anti-Tory I am – and he became a Tory MP so that shows the depth of our relationship.’

Sall's new PR guru, Max Clifford told the papers, ‘There’s no truth in it at all. They talked it through. Whilst he wasn’t happy, he said, 'On your head be it'.’

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