Saints alive!

Any celebrity worth their salt knows that they are duty bound to give their offspring silly names. No John or Malcolm for the famous - it's all about Princess, Pixie, Moses or Jesus. So the Beckhams are actually behaving in a very sensible manner, by considering naming their unborn daughter Santa. Santa Beckham, sounds er, statesmanlike, right?

A chatty source told The Mirror, 'Posh thinks Santa Beckham has a lovely ring to it and wants something unique. David prefers something traditional, but will probably go along with what she chooses.'

Meanwhile, in David Beckham-land, the squeaky voiced footballer is apparently keen to start a baby range with none other than Snoop Dogg. Snoop confided, 'I'd love to do a Babygro range with baby shoes with Beckham. It's going to be fly. It's great news they are having a baby. Whenever I make a record I give him a copy before it's done. He's like a brother. I'm gonna show him to rap. He's my boy. I love soccer just as he does hip-hop. Beckham needs to keep doing what he's doing. He's a great father.'

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