Saint Pete of Andre

We've always known that Peter Andre is a saintly figure, put on this earth to bring happiness and light. What else could explain the phenomena that are 'Insania' or 'Mysterious Girl'? And now we finally have the proof that Andre is a latter day Mother Teresa - the orange celeb has been given his own ITV2 show where he will come to the aid of those struggling on the horns of a dilemma.

Pete told The Sun,'The great British public are phenomenal. I have seen first hand their encouragement and supportive messages. Now it's time to give something back.' While a kindly source said, 'The show will see Pete help members of the public with all kinds of problems. It could be a teenager having difficulties getting a date, or someone struggling to juggle being a single parent.'

Commisioning editor Claire, of ITV2, said 'How exciting to have Peter in this new venture.' You took the words right out of our mouths...

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