Sadie's in desp-hair - and guess who's to blame?

Sienna has once more incurred the wrath of Sadie Frost - though to be fair, incurring wrath from a boyfriend's ex-wife must be quite easy - after taking Sadie and Jude Law's daughter Iris, for a haircut. Innocent enough, you might think. Well, Sienna, being the impulsive lass that she is, decided that nothing would suit Iris better than a pixie crop - and so the little nine year old bid adieu to her long tresses.

Sadie, seeing the results, was so miffed that she ranted on twitter (twanted?), 'I think ya should get ya own child and then cut their hair!' A friend explained, 'Sadie had a great time at the (IOW) festival but it was all forgotten when she saw Iris's hair. It's not that the style doesn't look nice - it does - but that it was done without her permission. I'm sure Sienna was just trying to be nice. But Sadie doesn't want Sienna playing mum to her kids.'

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