Sachsgate was the making of Brand

It might be a bold claim to make, considering that Sachsgate ended Jonathon Ross's BBC career, and lost Russell Brand his Radio 2 job, but Ross's wife, screenwriter Jane Goldman has claimed in an interview that the scandal ultimately helped the careers of its protagonists.

Jane told The Daily Mail, ‘Oh man, I probably shouldn’t be talking about this. No, I don’t mind mentioning it because I found it extraordinary. Andrew gave consent. They apologised to him immediately and said it shouldn’t go out, but he said, 'It’s fine, tone down some of the swearing, but put it out'. And somehow that became his family in torment.

But before you get all angry and start trying to call Andrew Sachs, to have a rant; stop. Jane continued, 'It’s actually been a really nice couple of years. Jon’s writing comics, which has been his dream since he was a kid, Russell is a Hollywood star, my work’s going well. It all turned out nice in the end. It’s tough to see someone you care about treated in a way that you think is so unfair – so that was unpleasant.’

See? It's all fine now, put the phone down...

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