Sachsgate: The Truth

Right, we’re all probably sick & tired of this never ending story, but this looks like being the very final chapter in the now legendary Sachsgateincident.

Russell Brand is about to release a follow-up to his autobiography Book Wook and yes, you guess it, it’s called Booky Wook 2 and this week The Sun have nabbed the rights to serialise it. Wading through the prose Brand reveals what exactly happened during that fateful day himself and Jonathan Ross decided to phone that waiter from Fawlty Towers. Here are the so called ‘juicy bits’...

'I said I thought they were funny so we decided to leave them in. Our producer Gareth Roy came in about halfway through and told us Andrew Sachs wasn't answering his phone, and we said: 'No problem'. This continued throughout the show until someone suggested leaving a message on his answerphone. Now, I don't want to point the finger, given the tremendous repercussions, but it was probably Gareth's idea. From behind the glass plate that separates the engineers and producers from the talent, the men from the boys, the signal came that Andrew Sachs's phone was ringing.’

'We did – Jonathan, the crew and myself – have a discussion about whether to include the phone calls in the completed show. Jonathan said maybe they should be cut out, a few of the crew thought they should be removed. I said I thought they were funny so we decided to leave them in. On the way home Jonathan called again to say the phone calls should probably be taken out, but I reassured him: 'Nah, I think they're pretty solid.'

'The show went out that night and there were two complaints, both about me teasing Jonathan for his soft Rs, a delightfully convenient comic speech impediment he sometimes has.’

And if you haven’t fallen asleep already, here are some crackerjack comments from Media Guardian’s report on the story...

‘He bases a whole stand up routine on how crap the red tops are, then sells out to them. Nice one Brand, really inspiring.’

‘I used to think that Katy Perry was quite desirable. Not any more.’

‘So Jonathan Ross wasn't edgy after all? He's going to be disappointed his cover's blown.’

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