Rylan jumps straight from X Factor to Daybreak

As one door closes, another comes swinging open. At least it does if you are a mediocre singer and X Factor also-ran who happens to have a nice line in laddish banter. Have you guessed yet?

Rylan Clark (easy, wasn’t it?), the bronzed Essex boy who brought his own brand of Estuary charmlessness to this year’s particularly uninspiring X Factor line-up has already found a way of staying in the public eye. At least as much of the public eye as there is paying attention to ITV’s chaotic breakfast show Daybreak.

Clark will be filling in for Daybreak’s regular entertainment editor Richard Arnold, who is having a nervous breakdown, sorry, who is taking a rest after being kicked off rival "talent" show Strictly Come Dancing for not being famous enough.

The depressingly narrow ambitions of most X Factor candidates were encapsulated in an excited quote the 24 year-old pub singer gave to the Daily Mail. "I can’t quite believe it," Clark gushed. "I only left X Factor a week ago and now I'm joining Lorraine and Aled on the Daybreak sofa. I'm a massive fan of the show and it's going to be so much fun sharing all the showbiz news and gossip with the nation each morning."

We can only hope that the work involves dishing as much dirt on Gary Barlow as is acceptable for an early-morning show. "I'm looking forward to keeping Richard's seat warm while he's swanning off on holiday," Clark said, "but I won't be asking for any dancing tips just yet."

Arnold probably won’t be asking for any singing lessons in return. Arnold tried to brazen out his obvious job insecurity by wishing Clark all the best for the week. "The wonderful thing about this hurly-burly business we call show," he said, pretentiously, "is that you know ultimately you will one day be replaced by someone younger, thinner and, in this case, much taller than you."

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