Ryan the rapper

While Ryan Giggs has made a name for himself off the pitch as something of an incessant lothario, according to his team-mate he also has some other hidden talents. Giggs is apparently an excellent rapper, liking nothing better than belting out a bit of Jay-Z on team bonding trips to Lucky Voice, or wherever it is that Man U head to for a night on the tiles.

Rio Ferdinand told The Sun, 'Giggsy's not bad on the mic but he doesn't sing - he raps. When we win, we sing at parties and Giggsy gets hold of the mic and does some old-school rapping. It's funny. Rapper's Delight is his usual song. Wazza fancies himself as a singer. I can't sing. I used to sing when I was a kid. I used to be in school plays. But singing's not my game. Not at all.'

The tabloid thoughtfully compiled a list of possible rap numbers for Ryan, including, 'It Wasn't Me (It Was Rhodri)' by Shaggy, and 'You Can Touch This' by MC Hammer. We'd pay good money to see the performance...

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