Ryan Gosling eats cereal in Vine tribute to the late Ryan McHenry

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Ryan Gosling has finally eaten his cereal in a touching tribute to the late Ryan McHenry and posted a Vine of it as proof. McHenry, the creator of the Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal meme, recently passed away after losing a battle against cancer.

27 year McHenry, a old Scottish film director, cleverly created the hit meme by editing a spoon filled with breakfast cereal into clips featuring Gosling where the actor looked disgusted or unimpressed. He posted the clips on Vine and the meme snowballed so the channel now has almost a quarter of a million followers.

McHenry brought laughter to a lot of people with dozens of editions of the meme all featuring Gosling from different interviews and movie roles. He reportedly got the inspiration for it while eating cereal himself while watching Drive.

He was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2013 and sadly passed away on Sunday. Canadian star Gosling, despite not knowing McHenry personally, tweeted his condolences saying "My heart goes out to all of Ryan McHenry's family and friends. Feel very lucky to have been apart of his life in some small way."

Gosling also posted a Vine where he placed some cereal in a bowl, poured in some milk and sat down and ate a spoonful in a touching tribute. Vine also tweeted a message to remember McHenry which read "Your creativity brightened many lives. Thank you. You'll be missed. #RIPRyanMcHenry".

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