Russell woos Dita

Legendary lady bedder Russell Brand has been at it again. This time lathering on the charm with a lady who could certainly give him a run for his money in the flamboyant sex stakes - none other than ex Marilyn Manson spouse, Dita Von Teese. Lord Brand and Lady of Darkness Dita crossed paths recently while Russ was in LA to discuss the film adaptation of his autobiography, 'My Booky Wook'.

So say The Sun, the pair passed the time at a dull pre Oscars party flirting rampantly and desparately trying to out-trump each other in the witty word play stakes. And the sizzling banter only cooled when the London lothario snaffled Dita's mobile number.

"Call me anytime you're bored" purred Dita. Quick as a flash Russ responded via text ‘Oddly, now I feel perpetually bored. Everything seems pale having met you", showing off a way with words as nimble as his dextrous thumbs.

Undisputed King of witty, irreverent chat, we could all learn a thing or two from Brand's pulling technique. Dita, it's said, was like putty in his hands. One to keep an eye on.

If you missed Dita posing for Playboy in nothing but her birthday suit, check out this scorching photo gallery. Be a shame to leave anything to the imagination.

Dita Von Tees in the buff

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