Russell out of Pride and Prejudice

For those of you who were looking forward to seeing Russell Brand as a villain in the new low-budget Pride and Prejudice spoof may be rather disappointed. The comedian, set to star as Wickham in the production, has pulled out due to other work commitments. Brand was also supposed to play alongside singer Lily Allen, who was to play Lydia, Wickham’s love interest.

 ‘I met Lily when she came on my radio show and I thought she was fantastic,’ Brand says. ‘It’s a pity, as I'd have loved to run off together and have my wicked way with her.’  So someone else will have to have their wicked way the pop star. Who do you think could replace him? A look-alike perhaps?  Well, Amy Winehouse sports the same wild hair and cockney accent and will have a bit more time on her hands now she’s cancelled her tour.  We think she’d be perfect.  With two singers on board maybe they could even turn it into a musical. All together now, ‘Oooooooooooh Mr Daaaaaaaaarcy!’

(Image: from John Griffiths’ flickr stream)

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