Russell: Meet the in-laws (from Hell?)

It would help that when you ask the permission of the dad of the woman you want to marry, he replies in English: British English or American English would do just fine. For Russell Brand however, we wonder whether he managed to understand his future Father-in-law's reaction; he and his wife have a reputation for speaking in tongues.

It's a case of 'Meet the Fockers' but with a Southern Baptist twist: Keith and Mary Perry are well known for their extremist religious views, which saucy popstar Katy Perry doesn't seem to mind, HeatWorld online reveals.

'Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as ‘Pass the salt.’ It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God,' Katy explains. 'My dad speaks in tongues and my mom interprets it. That’s their gift.'

As innocent as Katy makes their views out to be, growing up was slightly more complicated than for most, because evil, satanic influences were everywhere: 'I wasn't able to say I was ‘lucky’ because my mother… said that lucky sounded like ‘Lucifer’. I wasn't allowed to eat Lucky Charms.' Any Irish ancestry you might want to disclose, Russell?

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