Russell Hood-lum

Oh dear. Another actor is taking his 'craft' a little too seriously. Russell Crowe swore and stormed off a Radio Four show when quizzed about the dodgy accent he acquired for Robin Hood. We're yet to see the film, but apparently Russell's accent was wide of the mark. Instead of Northern, it morphed into an odd Oirish lilt, or, as some have described it, a 'Hobbit voice'. We're not quite sure what that sounds like but, we like.

When asked why he had acquired an Emerald Isle twang, Russell shouted 'bollox!' before adding: 'You've got dead ears mate - seriously dead ears if you think that's an Irish accent.' (Russell, aren't all ears dead - ours certainly never move.) Mark Lawson - the interviewer, then gallantly suggested Crowe was going for a 'Northern' drawl, to which the furious diva replied: 'No I was going for an Italian... missed it? F*** me.'

Russell Russell. Noone speaks to Radio Four like that. Consider yourself confined to the Hollywood flopheap. Oh what, you already....

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