Russell Brand’s single? (releasing a single that is)

Russell Brand is to release a novelty single. Good god! The shaggin’ wagon is to team up with his live warm-up man Joby Hart to record ‘The Chugga Chugga Song’, reports The Sun.

"Joby wrote the track to get the crowd on their feet before Russell’s gigs. It’s really cheesy and has a dance routine to go with it. Russell loved it and got involved by dancing along to it on his radio show” a source is quoted as saying.

"He thought that would be the end of it but record labels got in touch about releasing it. Joby is dead keen and Russell is up for a laugh if he can find the time to record it."

Simon Cowell is rumoured to add to his impressive arsenal of (s)hits including Robson & Gerome, Steve Brookstein and Leon by releasing it through his SyCo label. The ditty has been christened ‘2009’s answer to Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’’. And you thought the Andrew Sachs phone call was offensive.

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