Russell Brand’s & Noel Gallagher’s new radio show

It’s been 4 months since Jonathan Ross first blurted out the now infamous words “HE F*CKED YOUR GRANDAUGHTER!” but if Twitter is to be believed the “disgraced” motormouth may get a chance to top it.

According to a Tweet on the time-wasting website from @rustyrockets [AKA Russell Brand] Brand and Noel Gallagher are teaming up for a one-off radio show for Talk Sport: "It's true, myself and Britain's favourite swearer are doing a radio special on football. Let's hope Noel doesn't get me in trouble/twouble.” Read the first Tweet, quickly followed (geddit?) by a second;

"Me and Gallagher will turn Talksport into the fulcrum of the revolution. If we can just get Wossy [Jonathan Ross] to come on as a guest a new dawn will rise."

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, then you’ve probably never heard of Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross or Noel Gallagher either and this story would have made absolutely no sense to you. And if that’s the case, then why are you still reading this? Bugger off!

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