Russell Brand 'would do sex prank call again'

Nice one Russell Brand. The Love Muscle has, in not so many words refused to back down over his morally 'horrific' 'sex prank call'.

Brand has told Newsbeat that he 'was surprised by some of the moralising' over the cheeky hoax, and wouldn't rule out doing it again because it was an 'impulsive and spontaneous gag, which only really backfired when the media got hold of it. "That's the nature of spontaneity, things just sometimes happen" says Russell.

Russell also made a half hearted stab at justifying the prank by claiming he would never try to make light of other people's misfortune, and would never seek to 'glean laughter from people who have been in any way victimised or shoddily treated' - despite having done just that, and to hilarious effect.

Brand also commented on the inevitable pressure he's under having landed his biggest gig to date, hosting the MTV awards. "It ain't half big isn't it? Puts me under a lot of pressure, but it seems like a long way away to get nervous about it. There's so much stuff to be done before then. I've got to get my cat a new bed, he won't sleep in the one I've got." Keeping himself focused on the important things in life then. Long may the soundbites keep coming.

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