Russell Brand vows to do fresh prank calls

Luckily for the world, Russell Brand's bollocking over ManuelGate won't be stopping him from acting up again. Brand has spoken to MTV about the prank call ruckus and has vowed not to let the furore stop him behaving badly in the future.

"It literally made no difference to the way I view the world. I did a thing that was naughty. I apologised for it. What happens after that, other people can speculate about" he said. Russell being Russell, his analysis of the situation also included a clever theory on why the whole thing juggernauted out of control in the first place. Think Fleet Street conspiracies.

"I don't think anything could be worth the amount of press it's gotten. I think the privately owned media used it as a way to try to destroy the publicly funded BBC. And also, it occurred during a time when the only news was about the credit crunch and the recession. And also, print media is dying because people get their news online now, so newspapers have to enhance their identity through opinion and comment and campaigning. This was a good opportunity for them to do that. It was regrettable. I apologized for it, but the ensuing publicity was just about selling newspapers.

Fair play to him, he's probably right.

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