Russell Brand uninvited from People's Choice Awards

Organisers of the People's Choice Awards have reportedly uninvited Russell Brand from the event to prevent tension with his soon to be ex-wife Katy Perry.

The awards, which will take place next week, will see Katy take home a gong. She is also nominated for seven awards, including Favourite Female Artist.

A source told The Mirror: "It will be Katy’s big night, a prelude to the Grammys, and now Russell has been strangely left off the list of attendees for the high-profile event.

"It was always going to be awkward for organisers in any case after their shock decision to split.

"But in order to avoid any awkwardness or confrontation Russ is no longer on the list."

Perhaps they were remembering the MTV Music Awards party in 2009, when Katy famously threw a plastic bottle at his head.

After the incident Russell recalled: "The truth is I fell in love with her when she hit me with that bottle."

The pair married in India in October 2010. Rumours about a split had been circulating for several months, and the couple were rarely pictured together since the summer.

The source told The Mirror: "The marriage was over a long time ago, and they both knew it.

"Their lives were heading in ­completely opposite directions and they realised they had ­nothing in common and no future.

"Russell left his party lifestyle behind a long time ago because it nearly killed him. All he wanted to do is stay at home, do his yoga, keep his demons away and have a family with Katy."

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